Meeting location and dates


Chiki chiki, 

Vendevägen 11D,

182 69 Djursholm

​*Or online in 2021


Swedish group - 8am-9.30am

English group - 9.30am-11am

First Friday of each month (except July and August)


Breakfast price


email at least three days ahead

Upcoming meetings:

15th January 2021

TOPIC: Financial personal training

SPEAKER: Mia Ingelström

5th February 2021

TOPIC: How to finance your business

SPEAKER: Margareta Neld

12th March 2021

TOPIC: Financial tips and tricks for your business

SPEAKER: Susanna Dörlich

9th April 2021 *At Bergianska Trädgården

TOPIC: What to start growing now in your garden

SPEAKER: Heather Marshall-Heyman

7th May 2021


TOPIC: Fashion trends and style tips for different body types

LOCATION: Anna Blomberg-Andersson

4th June 2021

TOPIC: Organic skincare tips for the summer

SPEAKER: Barbara Bernette

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